Data Protection

FACT: 100% of hard drives will fail

Like all electronic or mechanical devices, the Hard Disk Drive inside you computer which contains all of your valuable data, WILL eventually stop working. This may happen gradually, and therefore give you enough time to save the contents of your hard drive before too much data loss occurs, or it may happen suddenly, and without notice, losing all of your data in an instant. As well as hardware failure, your valuable data is also at risk from factors such as:

  • Accidental data loss (clicking the wrong button and deleting files by mistake)
  • A virus infection which deletes or destroys files.
  • A power surge as a result from a storm which can destroy your Hard Drive.
  • Or even an unhappy employee who decides to take revenge.

A regular backup schedule is the last line of defence against this inevitable problem and one which most people are not fully aware of until it's too late.

The most common method of protection is to carry out a manual backup of your 'business critical' data to an external device each night before going home and taking the backup device (usually a USB flash drive, CD/DVD media or USB Hard Disk Drive) home with you. By taking the data off site, you are protecting yourself not only from Hard Disk Drive failure but other factors such as Fire and Theft.

Common problems with the above method are:

  • Forgetting to perform the backup every night.
  • Forgetting to take the backed up data home with you (Exposure to Fire & Theft)
  • The expense associated with purchasing and maintaining the backup media.
  • Training staff to perform backups and data restorations.

For those people who have a broadband internet connection there is thankfully a much simpler and cost effective way to go about backing up your valuable information, Secure Online Backups. Some of the benefits of this method are:

Secure Online Backups ? Features and Benefits

  • Automatic - Set and forget. No human intervention required
  • Cost Effective - Value for money with a professional backup strategy
  • Easy and Fast - Restoration if the need should ever arise
  • Reporting - Confirmation of previous day's backup for peace of mind
  • Secure - 128 bit bank grade encryption
  • Offsite Storage - In the unlikely event of a fire or a break-in, your data will be recoverable
  • Online Access - Your data is stored online for 24 x 7 secure access
  • Redundancy - A copy of your data will be stored in two entirely separate, and secure data centres (Sydney & Melbourne)

If you would like to discuss your current backup strategy with us and perhaps look at improving your level of protection then please contact us and we will gladly assist in providing you some peace of mind.

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