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WaiterMate is our state of the art front of house software. It caters for any hospitality environment from a small café to a large restaurant. It is highly configurable so that it can be tailored around your needs.

WaiterMate comprises of a number of individual functions, which belong to one of four module which can be easily tailored to your venue's requirements. These modules include:

Table Service
WaiterMate has a powerful table service module, which can greatly simplify ordering in a café, high turn over restaurant, or fine dining venue.
The graphical table layout which shows an active map of the restaurant gives you full control over your floor. Tables can be actively moved on screen to adapt to the changes in the table plan during service. Tables will also change colour as the seated customers move through their service. The drag & drop technology allows for fast and easy table moves on demand.

Some example illustrations of what you can expect to find??

  1. Full graphical table layout (with drag & drop tables)

  1. Table status using colour (eg table occupied, bill presented)
  2. Split Bills
  3. Transferring table accounts/items
  4. History tracking of Open Table with users & time orders placed in

  1. Item Notes (commonly referred to as kitchen/bar messaging)
  2. Part payments

  1. Payment to debtors (Customer Account and Bar Tabs)
  2. Easy access to Closed Accounts (back to any previous day or trade)
  3. Support for PIN, Magnetic Swipe Card or Proximity Wrist Bands for user access
  4. Seat Numbering (a must for fine dining venues)

  • Staff Timesheets
  • Count-down of stock items on Menu Item buttons (know when you have run out of a particular special/dish). When an items' stock count reaches zero you can choose whether you want OrderMate to allow staff sell the item, warn them that it's at zero or completely block them from selling the item.
  • Run multiple menu profiles at once

Phone Orders
WaiterMate has the intelligent Phone Order module that encompasses all order that come in via the telephone. Combined with the optional smart CallerID system, whether it be a Pick Up order, or Home Delivery order you will know the name, address and contact details of the customer in your database before you answer the phone.

Also, when a customer calls for their next order, their previous order is retained in the system. This is ideal for those customers that order their favourite meals every time, or you as the business owner can ensure their last meal was to their liking. Make your customers feel important.

Although many systems in the market can boast linking with your phone numbers for repeat customers, not many fully integrate with an advanced Caller ID terminal box that makes processing your customers' order easier and faster with LESS MISTAKES for your delivery drivers.

With this module, you can assign a delivery(s) to a driver(s) at will. At the end of the shift, each driver is responsible for their own float, ensuring you ? the business owner are not short changed.

Street Directory Linking
Once the correct address has been put into the OrderMate system a Street Directory (Melways for example) reference will print on the preparation docket and customer's invoice. This means no more searching around directory books to locate a delivery address.

Track your new customers as well as your old customers & regulars who don't purchase from you any more. You can use OrderMate to see how effective your marketing projects have been and judge whether they were successful or not.

Some example illustrations of what you can expect to find??

  1. Logging of Phone Orders on the screen LIVE

  1. Linking of your Phone Orders to your own customized Customer Database

  1. Settlement of delivery drivers' cash floats

QSR (Quick Sale & Take Away)
Ideal for bars and quick service businesses that require fast transactions on demand. Your customised menu, along with our simplified layout will allow your staff to process orders quicker than ever.

From the one screen, you can assign a discount, swipe a membership/loyalty card, pay to a Bar Tab, check the ingredients of any item (great in bars for making cocktails) or, hit a note(s)/coin(s) to end the transaction ? and have the correct change to be given back to the customer. This greatly eliminates the mistakes made by staff in having to calculate the correct change and also eliminates arguments with customers over what note was handed over ? both of which cost your business money.

Some example illustrations of what you can expect to find??

  1. Fast Bar or, Quick Sale (QSR)

  1. Cash Drawer assignment per user ? ideal for nightclubs and bars

  1. Bar coding integration with QSR

  1. Checking items ingredients

Debtors (Customer Accounts & Bar Tabs)

The OrderMate debtors screen includes long-running Customer Accounts for your most important customers who want to billed on a month-by-month basis as well as short-term Tabs for your regulars that you want to extend some credit to. Tabs can be created quickly and easily on the fly then staff can pay off items to the Tabs as needed. Tabs stay on the system until completely paid off whereas Customer Accounts are always stored on OrderMate.

  1. Bar Tabs & Customer Accounts

Customer Loyalty
Want to know more about your customers' spending habits? Why not implement your very own customer loyalty system that will allow you to know more about your customers.

You have the flexibility of using this feature in a number of ways. The most popular is to assign a points 'spend' and points 'redeem' for each of your menu items.

Speak to us also about integration with ResPAK ? world leaders in customer reservation & membership software.
Some example illustrations of what you can expect to find??

  1. Easy add of new customers

  1. Assigning a new Member Card

  1. Processing a Loyalty Cardholder at point of transaction

For further information please visit http://www.ordermate.com.au/


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